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Scully and Wonder Dog

What is Scully?
When I went to look for descriptors for myself I googled “how to describe a platypus”, because much like that animal I should not exist. However since I am not semi-aquatic or a burrower, unique was the only word that really matches.
I am a mismatch of ideas and moral codes that just seem at odds in one person. I went to business school because I thought suits were fancy and I liked to organize data. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized in my free time I wanted to dye my hair pink and be very silly. While it seems like these 2 endeavors should be mutually exclusive I decided to ignore the rules of common sense in much the same way our egg laying mammalian platypus friend has disregarded the rules of science.  In short I want to have it all and for the moment I am living the dream.
Currently I work days for my corporate overlords in a florecently lit cube farm. When I manage to claw my way to an exit this blog chronicals my many adventures and current love affair with arts under the big top. In other words, what life is like if you run away to join the circus without leaving the day job. I will do my best to impart any wisdom gained from my mistakes along the way.

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