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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The One About Being A Twisty Bobcat Pretzel

Last month I learned that the creators of The Devil’s Carnival would be taking the film on another tour along with their first film Repo! The Genetic Opera. As a longtime fan and perpetual advocate for both movies that meant a break from blogging while I tried to get the word on street any way possible. 
Quite literally taking it to the streets in some cases
The Devil's Carnival has been a huge contributor to my interest in circus so while this was a detour to my current pursuits it was an enjoyable one. With all the twists life throws at us remaining flexible in both body and mind can save us from snapping or breaking. The path to the solution may not always be the most direct but if we allow ourselves the opportunity to follow the twists and turns we can achieve our goals.
One of my favorites stretches right now is fun to navigate and leaves you feeling amazing

1. From a deep lunge set your knee on the floor. Tuck your hips under your spine and face squarely forward. Your posture should be impecible at this point. 

2. Bring both hand to the inside of your elevated knee and bend forward at the waist. Keeping your back as flat as possible bring your hands and elbows to the floor

3. Bring your arm closest to your leg under your knee and fingers pointing forward. Your second arm will turn to point at your toes and support your torso.

4. Now for the final twist. Turn your hips and torso to face your elevated leg. Bring your hips as close to the floor as is comfortable
5. Take a deep breath and enjoy your twisty bobcat pretzel stretch

Taking some time to explore your physical flexibility can leave your mind free to wander and come to solutions for other barriers we may be experiencing in our lives.

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